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Stompbox - M13 Stompbox - Patch database available... 26-06-2009

A new service has been enabled at M13 Stompbox modelr patches can be uploaded, printed and shared with your fellow musicians or for your own storage of settings. holds a database for all products that are not CustomTone enabled. Or in other words those Line 6 products that can save your own patches but they can not be exchange via MIDI or USB. Products like the Spider Series, Low-Down Bass Amps, Spider Valve, DL-4 and now M13 Stompbox modeler etc.

The new database offers:
  • Viewing of knob settings for all or selected patches in the database
  • Printing of knob settings for all or selected patches in the database
  • Selecting patches for music types
  • Upload and save strorage of personal patches
  • Look and feel of the amp or stompbox panel lay-out
  • Free use of the database
The use of the database is free
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JBuster (Beta 2) - A Workaround for Java Runtime Troubles... 30-09-2007

Line 6 EditWorkbench

Please note this is not a Line 6 program, but 3rd party software. Installing and using the program is not supported by Line 6!

Thanks go out to ehackster for building this neat little program that currently solves different issues that users of Line 6 Edit and Line 6 Workbench are experiencing. These issues are related to the use of Java Runtime Environment on different Operating Systems. JBuster works around these issues and is therefore a TweakTrick. Thanks again for granting the use and distribution of the JBuster.
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Source: ehackster / N.Daou

top of page - Line 6 on future updates... 19-04-2006

line 6 logo

After the release of the Vetta V 2.5 update there have been different topics requesting information about current available products. Just to be clear. It is against Line 6's company policy to give out any information on any products current or future. Line 6 does not discuss current or future product direction on the boards.

In response to the users asking for support. Line 6 has an FAQ database with a lot of answers. You can also submit a question directly via FaqTraq.

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Source: Line 6 /

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