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Here's a short clip of the new Line 6 Tonecore Verbzilla.

AZ & Javajunkie Perform

My thanks goes out to Andy Z and Javajunkie for recording just the dry output of their guitar pickups so that I could test out the RE-AMP features of the Vetta Digital Interface. Andy Z used the Variax guitar.

Javajunkie - Connor 50

Day Tripper - Synth/Filter FX

(Javajunkie Performs)

The following Vetta II MP3 files demonstrate some of the new Synth/Filter FX. Remember, these particular stompbox effects work as MONO, on single note lines only. They are not designed to work with chords whatsoever. Most of these Synth/Filter FX allow you to select a different waveform (WAVES 1-8) for the type of sound you desire. In order to make it much easier to hear the differences between these waves 1-8, I have used the intro lick from Day Tripper, then switched between each of the available wave forms. By the time you get finished hearing all these MP3 examples, you may never want to listen to this Beatles song again...sorry!

Nathan Shane Performs

Here are a few addtional Vetta II MP3 samples. Please forgive my timing on a couple of these that have a backing drum track. The most interesting sample has got to be the Chaotic Bottom Synth, which uses the "Synth-Harmony" stompbox from the Synth/Filter catagory.


sounds\Vetta\SilverTwinJTM45BoogieV2.mp3 sounds\Vetta\AC30_JTM45.mp3
sounds\Vetta\Soldano_line6clean.mp3 sounds\Vetta\TwinReverbWah.mp3

Vettaville creator: Nathan Shane. 

A few of the MP3's from the original website.

Big Muff Pie.mp3 Duel Rectifier.mp3 Satch - Cryin.mp3
Fuzz Face.mp3 Triple Rectifier.mp3 Satch - Love Thing.mp3
Rat.mp3 Van Halen Variac.mp3 JCM-800.mp3
Tube Driver.mp3 Jumpered Marshall.mp3 Marshall Super Ld.mp3
Tube Screamer.mp3 Vetta In A Glance.mp3 L6 Piezacustic1&2.mp3

Line 6's own George Van Wagner. 

Bigfoot, Passing Fancy, & Demented Ted 

all use the Vetta's direct outputs.

PODxt amp tone from Line 6's flagship Vetta.

The new generation PODxt proves you ain't heard nothing yet.

I have also included links to some PODxt samples as well...why? 

Because the PODxt uses the same tone technology as the Vetta. 

These will still help you get a good idea of how the Vetta sounds.

PODXTdemo_BohemianRap.mp3 PODXTdemo_Piezo.mp3
PODXTdemo_BridgeofSighs.mp3 PODXTdemo_purplehaze.mp3
PODXTdemo_ClassA.mp3 PODXTdemo_RectoDual.mp3
PODXTdemo_Cliffs.mp3 PODXTdemo_Streets.mp3
PODXTdemo_DoubleVerb.mp3 PODXTdemo_Sultans.mp3
PODXTdemo_EJCleanHUM.mp3 PODXTdemo_Tennesee.mp3
PODXTdemo_Eruption.mp3 PODXTdemo_Tiny.mp3
PODXTdemo_Masters.mp3 PODXTdemo_WontGet.mp3


Abnormal Clone - Vetta

Nashville - Vetta

Stadium Tour - Vetta

Sticky Good - Vetta

TeleGradeA - Vetta


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