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PODxt Live Live Demo... 06-04-05

A new Line 6 PODxtLive Demo special recording using just the gear mentioned here. Song arranged, produced and recorded by Jake Paland demo's at the Frankfurter Messe for Line 6. Jake also makes incredible sci-fi sounds with his Line 6 gear. Maybe more later.

  • Title: XTLive Demo MP3 3.09 min. (approx 3 MB)
  • Instruments:Pod XT Live, Variax 500
  • Recording gear: Steinberg Nuendo 2.0, RME Digital Audio Converters


PODxt Live, Just in Case... 07-03-05

While there is no (at least to my knowledge) special hard case to protect your PODxt Live a solution has to be found. Tadd King; engineer & musician from of Chicago, Illinois - USA has made detailed plans on building his own case and was kind enough to share it with you. At the beneath link in this infobox you can get the plans in .pdf format.

As a sidenote, Tadd could also be working up custom designs for anyone interested (for a small fee). Consequently, he departed from rights to the design, but made no guarantees. But credit is due for the work done. So thanks Tadd. Please note that all measurements, threads etc. are in inches.

If you have questions or comments, please refer them to this email adress.


POD xt Live Guitarport 2.51 support...27-11-04*

GuitarPort 2.51 definitely supports xt Live - you'll want to get all the Channels and Setups from the xt Live within Tone Locker to have a good experience when you first start editing within the GuitarPort window, but the support is there.


POD xt Live, Variax connections - update... 25-11-04

As many of you know, the earliest releases of Variax 500 firmware do not support direct connection to PODxt Live. We have been promising to deliver a way to update Variax firmware through the PODxt Live for a while now to correct this. To our frustration and yours, several elusive bugs kept delaying this release. I am happy to report that we finally have a solution available for most of you. For now, it will work for Windows XP and Mac OSX users - we expect to release a new Windows USB driver next week that will turn this on for Win 98SE, ME and 2000.

Here's what you need to do:

  • 1. Connect your Variax to your PODxt Live with the VDI cable and connect PODxt Live to your computer with a USB cable.
  • 2. Open and run the Line 6 Monkey application and click on the UPDATES tab. You will see that a new version of Line 6 Monkey - v1.04 - is now available. Select this and click the UPDATE SELECTION button. If you do not already have Line 6 Monkey, you can get the new version here and no update is required:
  • 3. Once you have downloaded the new Line 6 Monkey software, close the currently running app and open the new Line 6 Monkey software you just downloaded.
  • 4. You will see that there is a new version of PODxt Live Flash Memory available - v2.13. Select this and click the UPDATE SELECTION button. Follow the onscreen instructions to update the Flash Memory in your PODxt Live. This takes several minutes so be patient. NOTE: This update will erase any global settings you may have set up. This includes the output mode and Tone Correction settings. If you have set up your PODxt Live for your amp using Tone Correction settings, you might want to jot them down before performing this update.
  • 5. Once you have completed this update and followed all onscreen instructions (power cycling the unit, initializing the pedal, etc.), click the CHANGE DEVICE button on the left side of the Monkey app. Choose the Variax from the resulting list.
  • 6. You will now see your current Variax Flash Memory version and that an update is available - v1.21 - when the Updates tab is selected. Like you did with the other updates, select the Flash Memory and click the UPDATE SELECTION button, then follow the onscreen instructions. This also takes several minutes.

That's it!

Digitally connecting a Variax to PODxt Live?: Optimal operation with the optional direct digital connection, some Variax 500's will require a Variax firmware update (see above) which will is available from Line 6 Monkey (v1.04). Variax 700's and Variax Acoustics do not require an update. To connect any Variax digitally to PODxt Live, you'll need the Variax Digital Cable available here

The VDI cable is not included with PODxt Live. At this time, Line 6 figured that a majority of customers would be using the unit with a non-Variax guitar and we chose not to pass the cost of the cable on to everyone. It's currently available at the online store with other accessories here: At this time, that's US only. We are working as fast as we can to to get it into stores and into the European online store and apologize that it's not there yet - it will be soon. You can contact customer support and to get one if you're outside the US for the time being.We are also working rapidly on making the gig bag available.

GuitarPort and Line 6 Edit: GuitarPort and Line 6 Edit are not yet available for PODxt Live. They are expected to be available before the end of 2004. Both are free for all PODxt Live owners.


Modelpack pricing... 29-10-04*

    As you know, Model Pack licenses are associated with the hardware they are installed into - whether that’s a PODxt product or a GuitarPort. From the start of the Model Packs project, we planned to make these licenses transferable between products. But when focusing our priorities and working to get the Model Packs available for custmers as soon as possible, we decided not to deploy license transfer tools as part of the first launch. Now, especially in light of the discussion by users eager to use Model Packs and other Add-Ons on more than one piece of hardware, we've got this feature at the top of our list of priorities. We appreciate hearing about how much you care about this feature, and we're looking forward to providing it. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE
    To be totally honest, we underestimated the number of people that owned two different Model Pack capable products and would want to share the licenses between them right from the start. We've heard loud and clear the people who are complaining about the inability to do this, and we apologize for not having been able to do it right from the start.
    We intend to enable License Key owners to uninstall one or more of their keys from a particular piece of hardware, so they can then install them into the hardware of their choice. A user who owned both a GuitarPort and a PODxt, for instance, and purchased and installed a License Key for Model Packs in their GuitarPort, would be able to remove one or more of those keys from the GuitarPort and install them in the PODxt instead. In addition to allowing users to move their Model Packs and other Add-Ons between multiple devices that they own, this will also make it simple for you to take your Add-Ons with you when upgrading from one piece of compatible Line 6 hardware to another. You could for instance buy a GuitarPort, add the Metal Shop Model Pack to it, decide to step up to a PODxt and "take that Pack wiith you," and then do the same thing if you decided to then step up to a PODxt Live or PODxt Pro.
    We are still working out the details, and can’t promise an exact date at this time. (You knew that was coming, huh?) We do feel confident we can make this available by the end of the year, and hope that's a conservative estimate that we'll be able to beat. Please keep in mind that our development team is already committed to delivering on projects like another free update to PODxt / PODxt Pro firmware giving full feature comatibility with PODxt Live, another update to Line 6 Monkey, another upgrade to Line 6 Edit AND the introduction of GuitarPort RiffTracker by the end of November. Rest assured, we're not just sitting around enjoying holiday parties here at Line 6 headquarters!
    We appreciate the spirited discussions about Power Pack pricing, and totally understand that some users don't feel that approximately doubling the model set of their GuitarPort to achieve full tone parity with PODxt is worth $99. As is always the case, we'll be monitoring all reactions to the Power Pack to see how this all sorts out as customers vote with their credit cards to tell us what they think. Our own feeling is that the step up in flexibility and tonal range provided by the Power Pack is dramatic and highly valuable for certain customers, but we certainly don't expect all GuitarPort owners to agree, just as we don't expect all to find the GuitarPort Online service valuable, don't expect all PODxt owners to run out and buy the Model Packs, etc. We do feel that a user who buys a GuitarPort and adds a Power Pack for $99 is getting the very best value available today in world class guitar tone processing with a computer.

Mark McCrite
Product Line Manager
POD & GuitarPort


POD xt Live patches... 13-10-04*

PODxt Live arrived at the stores. For those who want the patches and presets you're welcome to get them here at Vettaville.

SOURCE: A VettavillE Enthousiast; LIne 6

POD xt Live page updated,more... 03-10-04*

  • Click here for the Line 6 page for details on the PODxt Live
  • It's been expected to ship end this month and hit the stores beginning October...
  • There's also an driver update on in the download section that adds support for PODxt Live.
  • Click here for the PODxt Live manual, it's online now
  • PODxt Live has all new live cabs (kind of like the Version 2 update for the rack & bean got all new studio cabs) and Vibe mode has been replaced with user controllable parameters. This change will be rolled into the PODxt and PODxt Pro, but there is no release date yet.
  • "Tweak" is assigned to Reverb mix for all presets, so the Tweak knob functions exactly the same as PODxt's Reverb knob.
  • One of the soft buttons is labelled "Amp." If you double-press this button, you are jumped to the page where the Tweak knob functions as PODxt's Amp knob.
  • You can use the 'amp' switch (see pic. no. 10 above) to control the compressor to switch it on and off, with this function you can use it as a 'boost'.


Amp connection help... 02-10-04*

PODxt Live has some important new additions to the "What are you connected to?" settings. See above photo nr. 13. When you choose "2x12 Front" or "4x12 Front", you'll notice new "Tone Correction" settings for "Lows", "Focus", and "Highs". These controls are specifically to compensate for the effects of an amps tone stack and input circuitry and give much more control then the previous 'Vibe' settings. While experimentation is a good thing, we asked a bunch of our customer just what amps they were using, and came up with the following settings to use for the most popular amps. As LIne 6 finds more settings, they'll be added to the list. So if you're plugging into the front of a guitar amp for live use, start with these settings.

Target Amp
Lows Focus Highs
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Twin Reverb
Marshall AVT100
Marshall DSL100
Marshall MG250
Marshall Super Lead 100
Matchless DC30
Mesa Dual Rec
Peavey Classic 50
Vox AC30 tb

Source: LINE 6

PODxt Live info... 22-09-04*

Line 6, inventors of digital modelling guitars and amplifiers, announced today the launch of PODxt Live, the latest addition to the POD family.  PODxt is the first professional-quality, multi-effects floor processor, from the creators of POD. 

Benefiting from the latest PODxt 2.0 software, PODxt Live comes fully loaded with the F/X Junkie Model Pack enabling 84 effects models including synths, filters, delays, choruses, compressors, plus overdrive and distortions.  There are 36 Award Winning amplifier models and 24 Cabinet models plus 4 Microphone models based on pioneering Line 6 Vetta technology.  PODxt Live comes with a four band semi-parametric Post-EQ, full time vintage studio compressor model and 128 user programmable channels.

Constructed from rugged steel with slick chrome styling the heavy-duty footswitches and built-in wah/volume pedal are ready to take years of abuse on the road, or in the studio.

Other unique features include the Variax digital input that enables users to call up a fully customized guitar, amp and effects set-up by stepping on a single footswitch, previously only available on Line 6 Flagship Vetta II amplifiers. 

Compatible with Line 6 Edit, PODxt Live opens up the online world of combining a graphic Editor, Tone Locker for memory back up and file management, plus an online Tone Library for intuitive deep patch editing.  PODxt Live can also be used as the portal to, an online musical experience that enables users to learn and jam with hundreds of songs and guitar lessons. 

Plus PODxt Live can benefit from future Model Packs Upgrades.  At present Metal Shop and Collector Classics are available which would provide a further 36 amp models from high gain to boutique combos through to sought-after vintage heads.

PODxt Live BAP € 579 (Holland) (prices may vary per country due to tax differences) RRP £399


Here are the highlights

  • 11 channel select and effect on/off footswitches
  • built in wah / volume / tweak pedal
  • rugged steel construction
  • 84 pro quality stompbox and studio effects
  • POD xt 2.0 software on board
  • 36 amp models plus 24 cab and 4 mic models (Vetta II technology)
  • 128 programmable channels
  • upgradable with modelpacks
  • Variax Digital Input
  • USB digital I/O combined with Line 6 Edit software allow computer based tone editing and direct digital recording
  • POD XT Live, The best sounding floorbased multi-effect for guitarists-ever
  • Line 6 combined a POD XT with a FBV shortboard and created a pedalboard loaded with features and control possibilities.
  • It has the FX modelpack built in


Source: LIne 6....

PODxt Live using it as a MIDI floorboard... 22-09-04*

MIDI. All the MIDI mapping functions are indentical to (most) other Line 6 products. For instance if you would choose to use the PODxt Live as a controller for another Line 6 amp this would work. Beneath an example with Vetta. Please note that Vetta has more stompbox options and amps than other Line 6 amps.

All functions will work (however just amp I on Vetta) Stompbox works on Stompbox 1, Tap tempo, banks A,B,C,D work, Wah-wah and Volume work, Tuner will not work (when pressed the Tuner on PODxt Live will be activated not on another MIDI controlled Line 6 amp as in in this example).

The lights will not come on (as you would expect on 'normal' FBV) when changing a patch. However they do work. When selected on and off, the lights will be illuminated. On the other hand if you would press the button on the Vetta it'll go on (or off).

This all would mean (but not checked in real time) you could use the PODxt Live as a MIDI floorboard and have a extra backup with you. For guitarists with an HD147, Flextone (III), Duoverb this could also be an additional FX unit


STAY tiuned for more....

POD xt Live Pictures...*

The photo's benath this article are taking from a beta unit, the actually product that you buy in stores or online is further refined. So your actual product is a little different. Since the beta unit- it changed quite a bit from that point, including the silkscreening on the periphery of the display and the color of the display. We went with the opposite arrangement of light & dark relative to the PODxt for better contrast onstage.



POD xt Live Guitarport 2.51 support...27-11-04*

GuitarPort 2.51 definitely supports xt Live - you'll want to get all the Channels and Setups from the xt Live within Tone Locker to have a good experience when you first start editing within the GuitarPort window, but the support is there.


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