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Bundle Barn... 14-04-07


Bundle Barn




Bundle Barn - The Barn is open... 12-11-06

Bundle Barn

Many Line 6 gear users have been making patches and swapping them around for personal use. Creating patches and adjusting them to your own standard of quality involves creating, altering, listening, adjusting etc. As an extended service, offers a place to have those bundles in one place with some additional info on the contents of the bundle.

The purpose of the Bundle Barn is to have one place on the net where you can easily download these bundles and check them for yourself. Of course your musical preferences will also decide what kind of bundle(s) upr looking for. You can alter your own bundle or get new ideas from the downloaded bundle(s).

If a bundle is offered please include as much as info on what you made it with as you possible. What guitar was used, what Line 6 gear the bundle is made with, what softwareversion number, the general idea of the bundle, the kind of music that you generally play.

If the bundle is made with Variax Workbench you can do the same of course. Feel free to offer your bundle for upload here and sent it through the emaillink at the top of the page. Don't forget to get your name in that you want displayed here as a reference. The bundles are not altered or checked by so use them and qualify for yourself

With this all being said... The Bundle Barn is now officially opened. So start sending in new bundles...



Bundle Barn - PODxt - Class A Bundle... 12-11-06

Bundle Barnpodxt

This is an “all A class bundle”, using Vox, Matchless, Line 6, Gibson... Each model has 6 patches, clean 1, clean 2, crunch 1, crunch 2, dist.1, dist2, plus 2 mods. And several “finished patches” (with fx).The fx are the same as in my fender bundle. The guitar used is a fender stratocaster s/s/h (seymour vintage/pearly gates)

Gear: podxt; Software version: V 3.01

General info: target is recording.

Made by: Angel Gorostiaga (aka angel1973)

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Bundle Barn - Workbench - PatchCreativity Bundle... 14-11-06

Bundle BarnVariax Workbench

Recently we uploaded a small video of the a Strat and Tele sound achieved with the creative use of the Workbench program. In the Bundle that was created there are different guitars created, in a different way. Don't be fooled by what you see when you look at the Workbench program but listen...

The Bundle was created by Ron Huisen, Line 6's productspecialist, and he offered it to for further worldwide distribution. So when you see him, be sure to thank him! There will be other clips of the some of the other guitars inside the bundle soon.

Do something nice and compare this bundle with the factory bundle, soundwise... Have fun and a good weekend. This clip was taken during the Line 6 User Group Meeting in Germany, earlier this month. Don't get distracted by what you see..., listen...

source:Ron Huisen / / line 6


Bundle Barn - Atomic - PODxt Bundle... 22-11-06

Bundle Barnatomic amps patches

We've always treasered the tone craftmanship of Andy Z, the webmaster of The Institute of Noise Forum. He's also a recording enigineer and a hell of a guitarplayer. With his background and ears he makes quality patches that are up at his ION patch database and some of them are at as bundles.

He retweaked some patches for use with the Atomic 112 amp as a result of the PODxt V 3.01 upgrade. If you want just grab, unzip and upload them to your PODxt. If you 'see' Andy over at ION be sure to thank him.



Bundle Barn - PODxt series - Rob Tognoni Bundle... 25-11-06

Bundle Barnpodxt

Rob Tognoni is well respected professional musician and uses the Line 6 PODxt for recordings and performance of his Power Blues, Rock. He's sharing his PODxt bundle for all to download and has some MP3's up on his website, together with the patches. In this way go even get a better understanding on what tones you're getting for free. Way to go Rob! So if you're getting ready to rock, check out this bundle..



Bundle Barn - PODxt series - KC's Bundle... 10-01-07

Bundle Barnpodxt

KC Koch made some patches to share with his PODxt (SW 2.14) and Variax. All patches are optimized for use with the Roland KC-300 full range Keyboard amp. So this is definitly a different bundle.

He also included the Variax Bundle as a seperate download but used in conjuction with the PODxt Bundle. Feel free to check out his site for more info.

source:KC Koch


Bundle Barn - PODxt series - Let's swap / Share Bundles... 27-01-07

Bundle Barnpodxt

Since the Channel 6 Forum has changed and a popular thread has been converted, here's the bundles from the Let's Share Swap / Bundles thread for future reference. Thanks go out to all creators. simply supplies a space for the download. New Bundels may be added at a later time.

For Guitar Port Users

For Line 6 Edit Users

For Line 6 Edit Users

Here is "aaron aardvark" Bundle As Of 11/26/2006

Here is Full Nelsons Bundle As Of 11/27/2006

Here is Steves Bundle As Of 11/27/2006

Here is Fremens Bundle As Of 11/29/2006

Here is AZ’s bundle As Of 12/2/2006

Here Is Antti Loponen As Of 4/4/2006

Here is Angel1973 bundle As Of 4/17/2006

Here Is XII X XVIII bundle As Of 4/19/2006

Here Is Jim AC's Bundle http://www.fohtech



Bundle Barn - PODxt series - Antti Loponen Bundles... 14-04-07

Bundle Barnpodxt

A new bundle to download, actually two. They've been created by the respected Antti Loponen and are already used by many, or regarded as a very good starting point for adjustment for your own creations. Feel free to thank him for sharing and feedback. Here's what he says about the bundles:

"So, two bundles for one, huh? One is made almost completely without the model packs, save for some banks at the end with FX Junkie effects (for the XT Live users out there). The other uses also the Collector Classics and Metal Shop amp models, as well as lots of FX Junkiestuff.

Both bundles start with basic amp model patches, but keep in mind that each patch has a designated stomp, modulation and delay, so stomp away and find more sounds. It goes on to diverse effect patches, even passing by some artist setups to end up with very non-guitar sound fx.
Phil's AcoElectric and Broken Wash aren't obviously my patches, but must-haves in any bundle. Have fun and send your feedback here"

source:antti Loponen


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