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New info on features Line 6 Tonecore pedals

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Tonecores - Change the modules video... 11-08-06

tonecore logo presented the modularity and interchange features of the Tonecore pedals. To try and inform you in the best way possible here's a small video that shows:



Shipping News - ToneCore Modular... 19-04-06

shipping newstonecore

Line 6, is now shipping the ToneCore® effect modules and ToneDock mono and stereo stompboxes. Users now have the ability to swap out the module inside a ToneCore pedal with any module from the entire line.

If you wanna know more about how to swap the docks, additional info and see some video click the link.

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Tonecore - Modular Tonedocks and Modules... 20-01-06


Agoura Hills, CA—January 20, 2006—Line 6, inventors of digital modeling guitars, amplifiers, and effects, announced today the availability of ToneCore® effect modules and ToneDock mono and stereo stompboxes. Users now have the ability to swap out the module inside a ToneCore pedal with any module from the entire line including Uber Metal™, Echo Park™, Crunchtone™, Space Chorus™, Tap Tremolo™, Constrictor™, Dr. Distorto™, Verbzilla™, Liqua Flange™, Roto-Machine™, and Otto Filter™.

ToneCore pedals provide guitarists of all ages and playing styles, unique Line 6 tones, advanced sound and extraordinary control.

“With ToneCore modules, users can easily and inexpensively expand their tonal options at any time,” said Jeorge Tripps, product line manager, Line 6. “With ToneCore docks on your pedalboard, you can change your effects setup in seconds to get the right sounds for any gig.”

ToneCore modules can be placed in either mono or stereo ToneDock stompboxes. The ToneDock mono and stereo stompbox base stations can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or the optional DC-1 power supply.

ToneCore Module MSRP:
ToneDock Mono - $99.99
ToneDock Stereo - $112.99
Uber Metal Module - $41.99
Echo Park Module - $99.99
Crunchtone Module - $41.99
Space Chorus Module - $55.99
Tap Tremolo Module - $55.99
Constrictor Module - $55.99
Dr. Distorto Module - $41.99
Verbzilla Module - $99.99
Liqua Flange Module - $55.99
Roto-Machine Module - $55.99
Otto Filter Module - $41.99

  • Expected this Spring...

Source: Line 6


Tonecores - How to unlock the modules video... 20-10-05

tonecore logo

Here's an additional video on Tonecores modularity and interchange features. Here's a small video that shows:


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Tonecore pedals coding versions... 26-09-05

tonecore logo6TC?

There's something about them that isn't known to many users. The Tonecore-pedals have a digital coding. You can check the coding version you have if you follow these 4 easy steps...

  1. Plug a cable into pedal input to power it up
  2. Unplug cable
  3. Press foot switch through the second switch and hold it.
  4. Plug cable back into the input and count the number of red and amber flashes.

RED = 1.0 * * * AMBER = 0.1+

Meaning, a Version 1.2 would flash Red (once) then two Amber flashes. A version 1.0 pedal only flashes once Red. Most pedals will be on a Version 1.0 status. However you may have a different version yourself. Well you know how to check it now...


Modular and Interchangeable... 13-10-05

tonecore logo 6TC?

You all have read the coding versions of the Tonecore pedals if not just click here to go there. That was the beginning of the revealing of Hidden Features. Now can tell you there's even more to it then that.

There are 2 more features to all the Tonecore pedals.

  1. Tonecores are modular
  2. Tonecores are interchangeable

So that's a big deal you'd say right? Actually it has some advantages right now. Some things come to mind as.

  • You can easily interchange, a module without having to disconnect the cabling. You can do this within seconds, provided that the locking screws are already out of the tonecore pedal(s). For your information exchanging it doesn't void the warranty. If the pedals are plugged in when changing modules you can sometimes get a pop that will come through your amp, depending on how loud your amp is. This could be dangerous for your amp at loud volumes.
  • You can re-arrange the Tonecores line-up without disconnecting your wiring set-up. In this way you can place your Tonecores differently in your signal chain. Gaining more versatility
  • You never know what else Line 6 could come up with, that builds on the features just mentioned.

Scroll down to see the provided pictures for a more visual approach on how you can unlock and interchange the Tonecore modules.

Source: Line 6 in conjunction with


Tonecore Modularity Pictures... 13-10-05

tonecore logo

7 8 9
Tonecore Ubermetal
Battery compartment
Docking screws
Undocked Module
Front Inside view
Top Inside view
2 Tonecores undocked
Top - Front inside look
2 Undocked Tonecores Top
Undocked Modules
Interchanged Modules
Unlocked Module
Modules and housing
Module bottom view
Module Top view
Unscrew Docking Screws 1
Unscrew Docking Screws 2
Press safety lock to unlock
tonecore open up
Unlocked Module
Tonecore housing and modules
Open up Battery compartment


Source: Line 6 in conjunction with

Power to the Core - AC versus DC... 13-09-05

Tone core pedals work on DC (Direct Current). What's the difference between AC en DC? well...

AC stands for Alternating Current. Meaning that the flow of electricity alternates, first in one direction, then back the other way. So it alternates in both directions, there's no polarity and the plugs can be wired as you see fit.

DC stands for Direct Current. Meaning that the flow of electricity always runs in one direction. DC power connections, like on the Tonecore pedals, always have a polarity. In the case of the Tonecore pedals this means that the center is negative and the tip is positive. See the picture below.

When connecting different power supplies (other then DC1 from Line 6), be sure that each output is completely isolated. This means that you won't have any ground loops or interaction between pedals that can cause hum and noise.

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