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Toneport - Line 6 Releases UX8... 21-09-07


--Line 6 Tone In A 24-bit/96kHz 8-Channel Rack Mount Recording Interface--

Calabasas, CA - September 21, 2007 - Line 6, Inc., maker of the legendary POD® and industry leader in guitar amplifier and multi-effects modelling technology, is proud to unveil TonePort™ UX8, the first of Line 6’s acclaimed TonePort™ family of audio interfaces to feature recording for eight simultaneous channels of 24-bit/96 kHz audio in a sturdy and professional rack-mountable design.

Bundled with Line 6’s acclaimed GearBox™ modelling software and the Line 6 GearBox Plug-In, TonePort UX8 is the ideal solution for project and pro studios that demand multiple ins and outs for more advanced recording applications. TonePort UX8 provides the discerning producer with eight XLR inputs, eight ¼-inch line inputs, two ¼-inch front panel instrument jacks, eight ¼-inch balanced line output jacks, two stereo headphone jacks as well as stereo RCA S/PDIF input and output. 

TonePort UX8 gives audio connoisseurs professional-grade preamps and components, along with Line 6’s award-winning GearBox plug-in, providing a generous panoply of stunning bass and guitar amp, cab and effect models. Line 6 modelling remains the industry standard for superior tone-shaping and the first choice of discriminating producers and musicians.

With an attractive and hip front panel design that houses trim knobs, signal activity and clip LEDs, and distinctive, retro-inspired VU meters, TonePort UX8 is the only full-featured USB 2.0 audio interface that combines the powerful tone-shaping mojo of GearBox with the professional features and components found in far more expensive units. Line 6’s outstanding ToneDirect™ technology allows for superior low-latency monitoring regardless of the buffer size in your recording app, while its rock-solid drivers deliver no-hassle operation for maximum creativity.

“TonePort UX8 is exactly what studio-savvy guitarists, bassists and singers have been waiting for,” says Line 6’s Marcus Ryle, SVP Product Strategy & Development. “POD®, Amp Farm® and GearBox™ Plug-In are already mainstays in the pro studio realm—we’re happy to give true believers the kind of full-featured I/O that will deliver Line 6 results in every recording situation.”


UX8 Toneport

source: LINE 6

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Toneport - Line 6 releases Toneport GX info... 19-06-07

toneport gx


Line 6 Tone and 24-Bit USB Audio Recording Now More Affordable Than Ever Before--
Line 6, Inc., is proud to unveil TonePort™ GX, the most-compact addition to the acclaimed TonePort™
family of USB audio recording interfaces. Boasting the unrivalled amp, cabinet and effect models of Line 6’s award-winning GearBox™ Silver Bundle, along with 24-bit audio, high-quality I/O components, easy-to-use USB connectivity and rock-solid drivers,

TonePort GX promises professional-grade tone and hassle-free, low-latency music making in a surprisingly cost-effective, portable and fun package. Small enough to clip to a guitar strap, the sleek and striking Toneport GX is designed to let any guitarist enjoy recording on their PC or Mac® with ease.

But it still features the same pro-tier TonePort sound set of guitar and bass amps, cabs, effects, mic
preamps and outboard gear acclaimed by top producers and musicians. TonePort GX’s single ¼-inch input accommodates guitar, bass or microphone (XLR inputs require an adapter), and its tried-and-true USB connection combines superb 24-bit audio quality with easy access to Line 6’s GuitarPort Online™ features.

TonePort GX allows players to instantly jam along with their favorite MP3s and it works with most popular recording platforms including Sonar, Cubase®, Garage Band and Logic®.
“TonePort GX connects Line 6’s outstanding tone palette, audio quality and online benefits to anyone who wants to enjoy making music with their computer,” says Line 6’s Marcus Ryle, SVP Product Strategy & Development. “We think of it as the best representative of true audio democracy!”

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Toneport - Line 6 Edition Live Lite 6.05 free upgrade... 16-02-07


The Line 6 Edition of Live Lite 6 is now available. It's a limited subset of features including 4 stereo recording tracks, but is will be a free download for anyone who already has Live Lite 5 Line 6 Edition. It also works with Intel Macs.

Ableton and Line 6 are pleased to announce that owners of any previous version of Live Lite Line 6 Edition are eligible for a free upgrade to Live Lite 6 Line 6 Edition. Live Lite 6 offers many of the new features found in Live 6, more at the link.

source:Ableton /

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Toneport - Silver Bundle Plug-in free additions... 08-02-07

Gearbox Plug-in

In addition to the new Gearbox software, the Silver Plug-in modelset now includes 6 Mic Pre and 5 Bass Amp/Cab models for free. These are available in the Gearbox Plug-in "Add-on" for owners of all existing Plug-in compatible Line 6 hardware.

This means that if you activated the Plug-In you'll get these models as an extra. So if you own PODxt-, Toneport-series or Guitarport these will be extra. Here are the models listed:

Bass Amps Mic Pre
1. Ampeg® SVT
2. Ampeg® B-15A
3. Eden Traveler WT-300
4. Fender® Bassman® head
5. Gallien Kruger 800RB
1. API® - 512c with API® 550b EQ
2. Neve 1073
3. Avalon Vt737
4. Requisite Y7
5. L6 Solid State Console
6. L6 Lo-Fi

Source: Line 6


Gearbox - Page added... 06-01-07

gearbox 2


We've added a new page with info on the Gearbox program, explaining the connectivity and expanding the user experience.



Toneport KB37 - Rearpanel picture... 10-10-06

toneport kb37

Just before it will arrive to the Line 6 stores, here's a picture of the rearpanel of the KB37. Please note that the actual product may be different. Clcik on the smal picture for a closer look.

KB37 rearpanel
KB 37 Rearpanel, click to enlarge

The Line 6 TonePort KB37 is the latest addition to the TonePort family of USB recording and modeling audio interfaces from Line 6. With it you can record your guitar and vocals with renowned Line 6 sound and add a few choice keyboard parts to top off your compositions. The TonePort KB37 gives you 37 full-sized synth-action keys, pitch/mod wheels, assignable transport controls, an expression pedal input, and the same dual footswitch jacks as the UX2 for control of effect on/off, tone select, tap tempo, and other parameters as well as sustain, start/stop, and punch in for your MIDI/music recording software.

18 guitar and five bass amp/cab models; 30 stompbox and studio effects; and six high-end studio microphone preamp models deliver professional Line 6 sound to all your recordings. You can record through two mic inputs (with 48V phantom power), a guitar/bass input, and stereo line inputs. Other I/O includes a S/PDIF out, TRS line outputs, TRS monitor input, and independent headphone jack. It also gives you assignable VU meters and selectable 16- or 24-bit recording at 44.1, 48, or 96kHz. A real breakthrough is the Tone Direct monitoring, which lets you hear the signal with full Line 6 processing and zero latency. And all of it is now compatible with Macintoshes as well as PCs.

Line 6 TonePort KB37 Audio Interface and MIDI Controller Features:

  • TonePort KB37 Hardware Specs:
  • 37-note full-sized keyboard
  • Pitch and mod wheels
  • Assignable transport controls
  • Expression pedal input
  • Dual footswitch jacks
  • 18 guitar and 5 bass amp/cab models
  • 30 stompbox and studio effects
  • 6 high-end studio microphone preamp models
  • 2 mic inputs with 48V phantom power
  • Guitar/bass input with pad
  • Stereo line inputs
  • S/PDIF digital output
  • Line outputs via balanced 1/4"
  • Monitor input via stereo 1/4" jack
  • Headphone jack with dedicated volume knob
  • Assignable VU meters
  • Tone Direct monitoring
  • 16- or 24-bit recording at 44.1, 48, or 96kHz
  • Mac and PC compatible

source: Line g /


Toneport KB37 - Webcast I... 23-08-06

toneport kb37

While awaiting it's live debut here's a link to a webcast on the Toneport KB37. Mark McCrite from Line 6 presents the KB37 and informs about the features and expected E.T.A. Wanna watch? Just click the link. Please note that your computer needs to download the content, after clicking the link. Depending on your configuration / internet connection speed this may take some time.

source: Line g /


Guitarport XT - Guitarport Online / Gearbox / Toneport... 27-07-06

Gearbox XT

GuitarPort® XT introduces the powerful new GearBox™ software platform to GuitarPort. GuitarPort XT is coming late summer 2006.

  • GuitarPorts and TonePorts will offer the same support for GuitarPort Online - now for both Mac and PC. Tones you download are totally transferrable, but tracks are keyed to the device. In other words, you can cancel your subscription for the GuitarPort and sign up with the TonePort no problem, but you'd have to re-download any tracks you got with the GuitarPort to be able to play them with your TonePort.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but that's the way the system works - largely because of licensing issues for the content that is online. It's kind of similar to the iTunes music store and limitations surrounding computers and iPods that will play the music you buy from their store.

  • Does this mean that my model packs will now apply to both GuitarPort and TonePort? Your model packs are all tied to the hardware they are installed into. If you use your GuitarPort with the GearBox software, you'll see the same models you see now when using GuitarPort software. If you use your TonePort, you will see the same models you see now when running GearBox 1 with your TonePort.

    In both cases, you'll see a few new models because there were a few new models added to both the GuitarPort and TonePort standard model sets.

  • Will this also be true for the VST version?

    When you install the Plug-in option into a PODxt device, TonePort, or GuitarPort, you will be able to run as plug-ins the model set that is activated in the device you install the upgrade into. We know that's a mouthful, but that's the deal.

    In the case were you would own a Guitarport and all Modelpacks, you'd see a plug-in that contained the standard TonePort model set if you install the option into your TonePort, but you'd get the GuitarPort plus some Model Packs as well in the plug-in if you install the option into your GuitarPort that has Model Packs. Of course, only the TonePort device has the Mic Pre models and the 5 Bass Amp/Cab models. You might consider transferring the packs to the TonePort to get the most out of the Plug-in add-on.

  • Nothing changes for GuitarPort or Model Pack support. Think of "GearBox 2.0" as the next version of the GuitarPort software beyond v2.51. It's just been renamed. Look at the GearBox 2.0 screenshot
  • Everything from GuitarPort v2.51 is still in there. Line 6 had a lot of requests for a version of GuitarPort that works on the Mac and also a lot of requests for GuitarPort to be updated to support the PODxt V3 software and the new Bass Expansion model pack. This is precisely that update.
  • The *only* downside to this update is that for existing Windows users, the new version now only works on Windows XP, but anyone still using an old operating system can continue to use GuitarPort 2.51.
  • It is likely that you will be able to install GearBox 2.0 under Windows 2000 and it *may* work. However, it will definitely not be officially supported and Line 6 will not spend time trying to troubleshoot or fix bugs if there happen to be issues with running under that OS.
  • GearBox is the same software for PODxt's, GuitarPorts, and TonePorts. Line 6 will be posting one download and there will be only one installer CD. It has all of the playing, ripping, half speed, browsing, etc. on both Mac and PC.
  • The processing will be done in your computer, whether you're using a PODxt or a TonePort. The signal routing will be exactly as it is in GearBox currently - and I don't think there's any difference between that and current GuitarPort software.
  • For another matter; screen size. The screen size limitations are the same. For the last year, GearBox and GuitarPort have basically been different versions of the same app. Now they're synchronizing again, but only the GearBox name carries forward.
  • As always you can use the Guitarport XT as an editor for PODxt series aswell.

GuitarPort XT works with both PC and Mac computers, including the new Intel-based OS X machines.

source: Line 6


Toneport - New KB37 Interface annouced... 16-07-06

Toneport KB37

Record everything from guitar and bass, to vocals and now keyboard parts easily with world-class studio results!

TonePort™ KB37 is the latest addition to the award-winning TonePort™ family of USB recording and modeling interfaces. With world-class Line 6 guitar, bass, and vocal tone with an integrated keyboard controller, you’ll be ready when that hit song comes calling!

Everything from TonePort™ UX2:

  • 18 guitar and 5 bass amp/cab models
  • 30 stompbox and studio effects
  • 6 high-end studio microphone preamp models
  • 2 Mic Inputs with +48v Phantom Power
  • Guitar/Bass Input w/ Pad Switch
  • Stereo Line Inputs
  • S/PDIF Digital Output
  • Line Outputs via balanced 1/4-inch
  • Monitor Input via stereo 1/4-inch jack
  • Headphone Output w/ dedicated volume knob
  • Assignable VU Meters
  • Tone Direct™ monitoring
  • 44.1/48KHz, 16/24-bit recording - 96KHz mode
  • Mac® and PC compatible


  • 37-Note full-sized keyboard with Pitch/Mod wheels for MIDI control
  • Transport & Control buttons/knobs assignable to GearBox and MIDI/recording software
  • Expression pedal input to control GearBox™ wah/volume or MIDI
  • And the same dual footswitch jacks as UX2 for control of GearBox (effect on/off, tone select, tap tempo, etc.) or MIDI/recording software (sustain, start/stop, punch in/out, etc.)

The TonePort KB37 is not keyboard modeling, it's all of the I/O of a TonePort UX2 (and GearBox gtr/bass/vocal processing software of course) with an added 37 note velocity sensitive keyboard controller and some assignable knobs & buttons.

source: Line 6

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Toneport - Input source menu... 08-11-05

toneport logo

The input source menu in GearBox is different depending on whether a UX1 / UX2 is connected. There's no "Mic & Mic" option with UX1 because it only has one Mic input.

The input options are as follows (this is not in the order they appear in the application):

  • Instrument
  • Line 1
  • Line 2
  • Mic 1
  • Mic 2
  • Line Stereo
  • Mic Stereo
  • Line 1 & Line 2
  • Mic 1 & Mic 2 (on UX2 only)
  • Instrument & Mic 1

Each source has the same amp & cab (or preamp) and effect path with a stereo output to your recording app. Taken to the extreme, this means you can use a mic pre to record bass (a common practice) and a guitar amp for vocals (if you want that kind of effect).

The only "dual source" inputs that have two completely separate simultaneous processing paths are the last three items in the list - noted by the "&." The items noted "stereo" give you stereo in and out, but are linked with only one set of controls.

Probably the best way to record guitar and bass simultaneously is to use the instrument in for guitar and use a direct box to plug the bass into a Mic input.

source: Line 6

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Toneport - ToneDirect and Latency... 03-11-05

toneport logo

ToneDirect™ monitoring, gives you fully processed audio in real time while you track! Better than recording through plug-ins, it avoids the latency from your recording program and operating system.  ToneDirect™ also easily beats analog direct monitoring options that force you to record guitar without hearing the amp model and effects, or struggle to get an inspired vocal with no reverb! 

Using the analog outs from the UX will add latency to your system. The whole concept of ToneDirect™ is that it does the modeling at the driver level to reduce latency to the absolute minimum.

Try running small buffer sizes and make sure that you are monitoring through the UX1 and not using the software monitoring feature of your program like Cubase for instance. Line 6's driver latency is extremely low if you use the ToneDirect™ monitoring. Host latency for software monitoring is always an issue.

source: Line 6

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Toneport webpages updated... 29-10-05

toneport logo

The Toneport webpage at Line 6 has been updated with new soundclips, movies and info.

Stay Tuned for more info on Toneport, following shortly

source: Line 6

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Model Packs for Toneport... 28-10-05

modelpacks logo

With the shipping of both Toneports, Line 6 updated their website on the Modelpacks aswell. It now includes the ability to have Toneport Model Packs.

Model Packs let TonePort™ users to expand their tonal range and flexibility to include all of the models found in Line 6's professional standard, POD® XT. Each Model Pack is a software add-on that dramatically increases your amp or effects set.

  • Power Pack: The premiere Model Pack for your TonePort. Altogether, this Power Pack gives TonePort 19 additional amp models and 26 more effects models - that's a total of 36 amp models and 50 stompbox and studio effects.
  • Metal Shop: Crush the enemy and see them driven before you! 18 punishingly high gain amp models from the super-powered HD147®.
  • Collector Classics: Get those sought after vintage heads and rare pawn shop treasures. 18 amp models from Flextone™ III and Vetta™ II.
  • FX Junkie: Pile on the Vetta II effects! 30 effects models including synths, filters, delays, choruses, compressors, distortions, and sample and hold.
  • Stay tuned for more Toneport info, following shortly...

source: Line 6

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Shipping News; Toneport UX2 shipped... 27-10-05

shipping newstoneport logo

Coming this winter was the anouncement. However Line 6 is already shipping the UX2 to their Line 6 dealers. Please be aware that the Toneport UX2 must cover some ground to reach your dealer and that'll take time. As you know the UX1 has already been shipped and first users have them already.

Toneport is a complete hardware and software recording and tone solution. Run your Monkey (V1.09) to verify if your PC system is ready for the Gearbox / Toneport software.

source: Line 6

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Shipping News; Toneport UX1 shipped... 20-10-05

shipping newsToneport UX1

Coming early to your local dealer, even before it's getting cold outside. Line 6 is shipping the UX1 to the Line 6 dealers. Please be aware that the Toneport UX1 must cover some ground to reach your dealer and that'll take time.

Toneport is a complete hardware and software recording and tone solution. Run your Monkey (V1.09) to verify if your PC system is ready for the Gearbox / Toneport software.

source: Line 6

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Toneport - How To Guides... 06-10-05

toneport logo

Toneport is coming this winter, but here's a some first indepth look on how to install, how to connect, footswitches, MIDI and how to use it with different software-packages etc.

Info is available for use with applications like: Ableton Live, Garageband, Cubase, Logic Express, Pro Tools, Reason..

Seperate documents are available for Mac and Windows. If you wanna check use the link.

source: Line 6

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